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The Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum makes a special invitation to the Opening of the exhibition of artist Marcos Santos Espinel


Marcos Santos Espinel, Biography of an artist

Born on August 16, 1951 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Marcos Santos Espinel was interested in the world of painting from an early age. He completed his primary education at the Cristóbal Columbus College. At age 10 he moved with his family to the United States because his father was called to serve as a Consul in Boston, Massachusetts for six years, where he studied at a Jesuit school. While there, he could closely appreciate for the first time the works of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the second largest in the country after the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Upon his return to Ecuador, he completed his secondary education at the Jesuit School Javier. In 1970 he entered the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil to study jurisprudence, career he would leave two years later to study art at the New College, in Sarasota, Florida, thanks to a scholarship. There, he specialized in ceramics, since the artist is passionate about creating shapes with his hands. His academic background includes studies of Dutch at the Volksuniversiteit, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In an interview, we could know Marcos more closely, who told us that Chagall, Monet, Degas, Renoir and Manet are among his favorite artists. On the other hand, he calls himself an expressionist and great fan of Guayasamín, Ecuadoran painter, and recalls an anecdote in which he was shocked to see a mural of him on his arrival at the Madrid airport.

His first exhibition was performed in the antique shop “Bottega,” of Maria Teresa Sola, in 1975. That same year he would perform his second exhibition at the Municipal Museum of Guayaquil, under the direction of the Guayaquil sculptor Yela Loffredo de Klein. Thereafter, exhibitions at the House of the Culture of Guayas, the “Siberië” Coffeshop in Amsterdam, the Art Gallery Igor Muñoz in Cuenca, the Art Gallery “Madeleine Hollander” in Guayaquil, and other renowned galleries nationwide would follow. It is noteworthy that the Ecuadorian TV network TC Television held an exhibition in honor of the artist for his 50th birthday.

Marcos Santos Espinel is a man who has also ventured into the world of letters, “Selection of Poems and Drawings by Marcos Santos” is the name of his collection of poems, in which, he shows the “human condition,” as he says, his great inspiration when writing.

On April 1st, the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum will held the opening of the works exhibition of this Guayaquil artist at 19h00, at its headquarters located in P. Icaza 302 and Cordova, Seguros Cóndor Building, 1st floor, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

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Hilarte children exhibited more than 200 paintings


The Hilarte Community Association, inaugurated this Friday, December 5, an exhibition of more than 200 paintings created by children between 2 and 12 years old.

The event involved the participation of the young painters, who between laughs and jumps proudly showed their works to visitors. Among them was Lilia Montes, 12, who commented that among her dreams is “being an artist recognized for my own paintings.”


In addition, a chorus of 12 children took advantage of this month’s festivities to sing Christmas carols.

“Imparting art for is for us part of our methodology as an institution, both in dance as in theater and painting,” said Katalina Herrera, Pedagogical Coordinator of Hilarte. Furthermore, she mentioned they also have a Therapeutic Arts Center, for children with disabilities or “special skills.”

Painting exhibition of Catasse and E. Tábara

Interview to Carolina Bianchi, artistic coordinator.

Carolina Bianchi, well known as Carola Ossa, helped with the coordination of the art exhibition of Roberto Núñez, from the art gallery Núñez y Núñez, in Urdesa, which took place in the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, established by Álvaro Noboa.

According to Bianchi, Núñez is a pioneer in the gallery business here in Ecuador, as he has been working for 45 years in the area.

This collector delights the public with pieces of Carlos Catasse, Chilean artist that came to love Ecuador and it’s people, so much that when he died he asked to be buried in the country. The exhibition also has pieces of artist Enrique Tábara, born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, who has passed through all the levels within Ecuadorean art.


Hermel Quezada Exposition At Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum

Until October 3rd the exposition “Fragile” by Hermel Quezada, will remain open. According to  the critics, Quezada has moved from surrealism to pop art.

He states that man must stop deforestation and has to be in harmony with nature. That’s why he likes to portray coexisting wild and peaceful animals  in his paintings. In 1987, he started to paint with acrylic, then he moved to oil surrealistic painting. Due to health issues he is back to the acrylic and has changed his thematic.

Quezada is celebrating 25 years of artistic career. The poem Who?, accompanies his exposition “Fragile”, related to the defense of the environment.

“Who quiets the singing..of mockingbirds/ who dries the pond..of bathracians/ who with his terrible… lack of love/ reduces almost to zero…his spaces”.

Exposition Night, Sea and Fantasy From The Visual Artist Elger Aragundi

The Alvaro Noboa – Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum has the honor of invite you to the Exposition Night, Sea and Fantasy From The Visual Artist Elger Aragundi

Hour: 19h00 p.m
Theme: Night , Sea and Fantasy

Ab. Pablo Martinez Rojas
Director del Museo Luis Noboa Naranjo