Hermel Quezada Exposition At Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum

Until October 3rd the exposition “Fragile” by Hermel Quezada, will remain open. According to  the critics, Quezada has moved from surrealism to pop art.

He states that man must stop deforestation and has to be in harmony with nature. That’s why he likes to portray coexisting wild and peaceful animals  in his paintings. In 1987, he started to paint with acrylic, then he moved to oil surrealistic painting. Due to health issues he is back to the acrylic and has changed his thematic.

Quezada is celebrating 25 years of artistic career. The poem Who?, accompanies his exposition “Fragile”, related to the defense of the environment.

“Who quiets the singing..of mockingbirds/ who dries the pond..of bathracians/ who with his terrible… lack of love/ reduces almost to zero…his spaces”.