Pablo Martinez - Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum's Director
Pablo Martinez – Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum’s Director

Pablo Martínez Rojas was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on September 22, 1950. His parents are Luis Martínez Moreno, a journalist and art critic, and Sara Rojas Fernández, a Chilean poet, who participated in the poetry workshops of Pablo Neruda, who is also Pablo Martínez Rojas’ godfather.

He studied at the Modern School, and in the American School, in Guayaquil, and earned his degree as a lawyer from the state university.

His first work was conducted for Otto Arosemena Gómez, former President of the Republic of Ecuador. He later became the legal assessor of Transnave, a transnational steamship company.

As a professional sideline – given his closeness to art together with his relationship with his father – he dedicated himself to the collection and promotion of art. As a child, he created a newspaper called Primicias de Urdesa, and as a student, he took part in the Juan Rulfo Prize in Paris, with his own short story.

Years later, he founded, together with other individuals, the Monascha Art Gallery, and in 1985, he was contracted by Guayaquil’s Cultural House, to be the coordinator of the October Salon in graphic arts.

Given the success of that work, he traveled to Miami, and in 1986, the First Miami Biennale was established under his direction.

In 1988, the government of Ecuador named him Consul in New York; in 1966, General Consul.

Dedicated to public relations, he organized the first ecological event in the city of New York in which he created an homage to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and to Riverkeeper.  After that, came an homage to Ted Turner and to John Kennedy, Jr., in which Martínez was a member of the organizing committee.

He began working for the companies of the Grupo Noboa as an Executive Vice-President, and is currently the President of the Grupo Noboa  in New York.

In 2006, he was named Director of the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum by the museum’s founding President, Attorney Álvaro Noboa Pontón.

In accordance with his role, Martínez created the first Biennale of Guayaquil, which was a success, establishing it as the most important artistic and cultural event of the city of Guayaquil to this day.

The Municipality of Guayaquil presented him with 2 Bicentennial medals, one for being the Director of the Museum that holds the most events and the other for being the main promoter of art and culture in the city. In addition, the Civic Board gave him a scroll: The Civic Board as Illustrious Son of the City of Guayaquil.

Director Pablo Martinez receiving condecoration.
Director Pablo Martinez receiving condecoration.