Painting exhibition of Catasse and E. Tábara

Interview to Carolina Bianchi, artistic coordinator.

Carolina Bianchi, well known as Carola Ossa, helped with the coordination of the art exhibition of Roberto Núñez, from the art gallery Núñez y Núñez, in Urdesa, which took place in the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, established by Álvaro Noboa.

According to Bianchi, Núñez is a pioneer in the gallery business here in Ecuador, as he has been working for 45 years in the area.

This collector delights the public with pieces of Carlos Catasse, Chilean artist that came to love Ecuador and it’s people, so much that when he died he asked to be buried in the country. The exhibition also has pieces of artist Enrique Tábara, born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, who has passed through all the levels within Ecuadorean art.