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Speech of Alvaro Noboa

Good evening ladies and gentlemen:

Continuing with the intense and productive program we have set ourselves to contribute to culture, art and sport of our city, the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum joined forces with coach to the stars, Mrs. Zayda Molina de Noriega, to achieve an exhibition of artistic photographs never seen before in Guayaquil and in our country.
The efforts made to achieve this display, which is as important as it is beautiful, is framed within a tribute that we also make to the most important sportsmen of our country, men who have fought internationally to raise Ecuador’s name on high. They are Jefferson Pérez, Iván Hurtado, Jimmy Montanero, Holger Quiñónez and Raúl Noriega.

In line with this, we show in these images, which all of you can appreciate, the beauty of the Ecuadorian woman, represented by leading actresses, commentators and presenters from Ecuadorian television, such as Pierina Uribe, sisters María Gracia and Inés Manzano, Jennifer Pazmiño, María José Flores, Verónica Coronel, Maluly Valdivieso, Gabriela Pazmiño Yépez, Carolina Jaume, Pamela Palacios, Maricela Gómez, Cecilia Cascante, Laura Serrano, sisters Gabriela and Priscilla Reyes, Kristy Alvarado, Shirley García, Carla Cáceres and Karim Barreiro.

For over 3 months, two photographers, Jorge Itúrburu and Joshua Degel, being stars themselves, created scenes in the studio and in outdoor settings, and with the valuable contribution of Billy Diaz who took charge of makeup and costume, achieved true and sensual effects resulting in this exposition, “SENSUALITY IN SPORT.”
The main star of the event is Mrs. Zayda Molina de Noriega, who was photographed by Joshua Degel.

Zayda also was able to bring together elite athletes as well as famous and beautiful women from television to participate in this event. That is why today I thank her especially, and express my gratitude and recognition on behalf of the Museum to all of them, the photographers, the sportsmen and the organizers.

Without further ado, I declare the opening of this exhibition called “SENSUALITY IN SPORT.”

I take this opportunity to thank Zayda Molina de Noriega for this great work and I also thank the assistance of my companion and friend, Mr. Robert Kennedy, who will also present a talk tomorrow on Ecosystem Protection and how we, those from private enterprises, and industries, can contribute to the protection of nature.
THANK YOU, congratulations Zayda.


Alvaro Noboa Sensuality In Sport Invitation Front


Alvaro Noboa Sensuality In Sport Invitation Back

Inauguration of the First Biennial of Painting

Inauguration of the First Biennial of Painting

On the 1st of April, 2008, in a simple and, at the same time, emotional ceremony, Counselor Álvaro Noboa Pontón inaugurated the first “Luis A. Noboa Naranjo” Biennial of Painting.

Guests belonging to the business, professional, artistic and cultural sectors gathered in the offices of the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum in order to participate in the inauguration and the granting of prizes to the winners of the 1st Biennial of Painting.

It was an opportunity to get to know the winning works and those that received Honorable Mentions, which were catalogued by the qualifying jury as a representative sample of the enormous creativity and talent of Ecuadorian painters.

In his inaugural speech, Álvaro Noboa Pontón expressed his pleasure in promoting a new generation of painters and thus proceeded to bestow the prizes to the winners.

Jimmy Lara, the winner, received the established prize of $3,000 for his work, “We Click to Continue”.

For his work “It’s said that”, Wilson Quichimbo received the second prize of $2,0000.

And, Pedro Dávila received the third prize of $1,000 for his work “The Frog’s Game”.

Jaqueline Villamar, Eloy Cumbe, Marcos Barahona and Wilson Jácome received Honorable mentions.

It is important to point out that the Ecuadorian-Argentine painter, Claudia Serrano Solá participated with two works that today belong to the museum.
The 1st Biennial of Painting was undoubtedly a success due to the participation of 230 artists, the selection of the qualifying jury, and the transparency and communication of the process through to its culmination.

Countless congratulations went to Pablo Martínez, the Museum’s Director, and his team of colleagues, beginning with those of Counselor Alvaro Noboa and the attending guests who enjoyed a beautiful cultural soirée.