Invitation to the Art Exhibition “Any given day”

bolivar vallarino will have his exhibition in the luis noboa naranjo museum founded by alvaro noboa

Bolívar Vallarino Ollague


“Any given day”





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Wednesday, September 25 of 2013

Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum

P. Icaza and Córdova streets


“Any given day” or the irrepressible creation

Is the exhibition of artist  Bolívar Vallarino Ollague, of multiple values, interpretations and enjoyment, which will be held at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, founded by businessman Álvaro Noboa in honor of his father.

The exhibition shows great experimentation, as every exhibition of an artist unsatisfied with the established should be. The work is a search of shapes and colors; a walk through personal and social meanings in which recycled materials predominate and create attractive and unique paintings and also iron sculptures with innovative shapes and concepts.

Abstract and figurative creations filled with frentic passion, strenght, vitality and beauty; Vallarino’s canvases combine gray shades, strong colors that contrast each other defining the shape with precision.

Photographs of daily life complement the exhibition, capturing the love for life, family, nature, anonymous people, reflecting the originality and the artist’s feelings.