Third International Alvaro Noboa Biennial of Painting: Closing Ceremonies


The closing ceremonies for the Third International Alvaro Noboa Biennial of Painting will be performed next Wednesday, May 16th. The even will count with the presence of Richard Swanberg (american pianist), and María del Mar Proaño – who has organized a fashion showcase.

Alvaro Noboa, founder of the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, and its director Pablo Martínez Rojas, will start the act with inspirational speeches.

The biennial of painting presented its winners last April: René Bohórquez received $10.000 for the first prize, William Hernández $5.000 for the second prize, and other 5 finalists received $1.000 each. The winners are: Leonardo Lozano, Javier Gavilanes, Nelson Santos and Jacqueline Villamar.

The ceremony will be performed on P. Icaza 302 and G. Córdova (corner), at the Seguros Cóndor building, first floor.