Opening Today of Exhibition for Woman’s Day

Today at 7 pm, at the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, the exhibition “Homage to Woman’s Day”, in which 10 member artists of the Guayas La Ría Foundation took part, will be inaugurated as a tribute to women commemorating their International Day, March 8.

Robin Echanique, one of the exhibitors, indicated that the display presents a uniform tendency towards a new figuration given the contemporary pictorial tendencies of the majority of the participants.

Pablo Martínez, Museum Director, states that the majority of the pictures represent women and also allude to Mother Nature.

The exhibition will remain open until April 10. Entrance is free.

The Museum installation is on the first floor of the Seguros Condor Building, located at the corner of P. Ycaza 301 and Gral Córdova.