Artistic Profile of the Painter María de los Ángeles Navarrete Azín


María de los Ángeles Navarrete Azin is an italian-ecuadorian painter and plastic artist with a lot of talent. She began her artistic career at the age of 10, influenced by her italian grandfather, Giorgio Azin, who was a painter. At her 20s, María de los Ángeles entered the Venice Académie des Beaux-Arts, where his grandfather also studied.

The painter classifies her own art as “arte povera”, an italian term that means poor art. Arte Povera is an artistic movement from Italy, from the 60s, where many painters created many masterpieces with any element they had on hand. One could utilize things found in the nature, old newspapers, metals, among other things. María de los Ángeles Navarrete Azin added:  ” The priority are not the elements but what you do with them. The arte povera is a dynamic style, creative, plastic, and very visual.”