Alvaro Noboa Museum presents the artist Héctor Anchundia


Alvaro Noboa Museum (Museo Luis A. Noboa Naranjo) is proud to present the painter Héctor Anchundia. The artist is currently providing an exhibition of his best 35 works at the museum’s headquarters.

Who is Héctor Anchundia? He is an Ecuadorian that lives in New York since the 70s, city that has influenced his artistic style. The energy in his paintings is the proof that the universe wheel is the one that determines the magic that we found in his lines and strokes.

Anchundia is characterized in his paintings by the distortion of images. His figures are mixed and transfigured. The surface of his paintings are full of strokes and pigmentation. Most of his arts are abstract where the main simbolism is the human body, with femenine figures experiencing metamorphosis.

Here is a list of Hector Anchundia’s Exhibitions: