His painting and photo-painting

Dra. Inés M. Flores

A plentiful pictorial and photographic production defines the style of the wide campus where Elger Aragundi, a creative, curious, restless and innovative artist, moves with easiness and creativity.

In a permanent confrontation with the traditional preconceptions, he adventures through roads where other artists have not set foot on, and produces art pieces with a very personal expression.

In his first book-object, Blue, he collects a series of paintings derived from his tireless search on the labyrinths of form and color, which revealed an inalienable desire to find new forms to express his feelings, his wishes, even his perception of the world that surrounds him.

In this book, and in his new White Book, both carefully and stylishly edited, the artist shows a coherent conceptual enunciation. In the first one, he displays a wide symbolic range with an evident spiritual burden and a very skillfully expression of lyrical character. This also manifests in the White Book, with smooth brushstrokes that complement the photographs wisely.

The second book, is more photographs of female nudity, as a new esthetic commitment, where the author privileges the female figure. They are beautiful shots very well and technically produced; pictures, as I said, in which the wise marks of a paintbrush are added, creating a kind of mixed pieces: photo-painting.

Elger has positioned himself in the national and international plastic art scenario, as an artist who expresses successfully with his paintbrush and his camera. We’ll have to see which one would stand out in the future; or maybe, the restless author would add other languages to his artistic discourse.