Elger Aragundi, Art in the Museum Luis A. Noboa Naranjo

Thursday, October 4 of this year, the exhibition of visual artist, Elger Aragundi, born in Quito now living in Miami, US, was inaugurated at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum. 

Art from Elger Aragundi

Famed critic and art museum expert, Ines Flores, was in charge of presenting the artist and emphasized Aragundi’s intense work, indicating that his control over the color blue – by which he attracts audiences in the way he does  to his cow figure, “The Bowerbird” – is unique.  The influence, and Aragundi’s understanding, of the Austrian painter, Gustave Klimt, gives his work an elegance and sophistication that is difficult to surpass.

Among the guests were various members of the Eljuri family, among them, Olga Eljuri de Doumet and her husband, Juan Doumet, Rebeca Eljuri de Kronfle and Jorge Eljuri, Jr., as well as Juan Castro Velásquez,  Cecilia Niemes and Museum Director, Pablo Martínez Rojas.