Two experts gave a conference about extraterrestrial contact


Last wednesday October 2 was carried out at the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, established and led by businessman Alvaro Noboa, a conference about the presence of extraterrestrial beings in the planet. Jose Yaguana and Ronald Chavez, speakers, affirmed they have had contact with an extraterrestrial being.

Yaguana spoke about his experience, which he called “contact with older brothers”, in other words, extraterrestrial beings who have infiltrated among humans to populate the Earth with a superior specie. “When we are ready, in a spiritual way, it will become the most beautiful moment. That will be the time for them to intervene, pollinate and then take that being that belongs to another world”, he explained.

He also told that his wife has had extraterrestrial contact and was ‘pollinated’ by one of those beings. To his testimony was added an exhibition of images taken with a solar filter that showed the presence of unidentified flying objects hidden in several places of Latin America.

He warned that any person can be contacted by the ‘older brothers’, but that person needs to take into account that these beings don’t damage their integrity, “only then we can know if they have good intentions”, he made clear.

Following a musical performance of Tchaikovsky, the conference continued with the intervention of ufologist Ronald Chavez, who showed, how, through art, human beings have reflected extraterrestrial contacts throughout history.

“Our ancestors were excellent artists who reflected what they saw and these are relevant proofs of the presence of strange beings in rupestrian paintings”, said Chavez.

The ufologist took the opportunity to show some videos declassified by Russia after the Cold War, in which, ships and beings with bulging heads can be seen, both in the soviet recordings and the american ones form Area 51.

“It is not a surprise that despite the technological advancement of Russia, the United States managed to overcome them thanks to the regressive analysis of the ships and extraterrestrial artefacts”, he mentioned.

Both speakers received a recognition from the director of the museum, Pablo Martinez Rojas.