National Poetry Competition in the supplement “Memorias Porteñas” Expreso Newspaper.

In the supplement “Memorias Porteñas” of the national newspaper Expreso Sunday’s edition, an article is dedicated on page 13 to promote the national poetry competition, organized by the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum.


Genre:  The set of themes of the text is free, as well as its structure and measure.

Participants: Poets, writers, college and high school students can participate as long as they present their poem at the contest.

Format: The extension of the poem will be one side of A4 (DIN‐4) printed with a minimum letter size of 12 points (no maximum) and in “Arial” or “Times New Roman” type. The text has to be original, and with no prior participation in any other contest.

Deadlines: The deadline for admission of the poems will be friday, march 21 of 2014. No poem will be admitted after that date.

Delivery Methods:
The poems can be delivered previously via e-mail to this mail address:
(Subject matter: poetry contest Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum)


in Word format, which will be delivered afterwards, in paper, in the offices of the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum located in P. Icaza 30 and Cordoba streets, first floor, Condor Insurance Company Building, before the deadline, or they will be disqualified.

All the poems must be signed and delivered to the Museum, in a closed envelope with the name and last name, phone number and e-mail.

Competition Verdict: The poems will be read by three recognized bards and university professors of Literature.



There will be three awards

  • First prize: $1.000
  • Second prize: $500
  • Third prize: $300


The verdict of the jury will be issued on friday, april 25 of 2014, within the activities of the fourth Biennial of Guayaquil “Alvaro Noboa Ponton”.

The notification to the winners will be made via e-mail and through the web page of the Museum, and the winning poems will be published on the website.

The ruling will not be open to appeal. The prizes cannot be declared deserted and any unforeseen situation will be resolved by the Director of the Museum, Pablo Martinez Rojas.


Pablo Martínez Rojas
Director of LANN Museum