Famous Ecuadorian writer relaunches three of his works


The Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, founded by businessman Alvaro Noboa Ponton in honor of his father, celebrated yesterday, the relaunching of three of the books written by Roberto Wright Ycaza, from Guayaquil, before a museum packed with admirers of his work.

The director of the museum and host of the event, Attorney Pablo Martinez, welcomed his “friend for 40 years” and also his attending family, and described Wright as “the best of friends, always polite, amiable, civilized, full of optimism and with a great sense of humor”.

Roberto is a “big admirer of women”, expressed Martinez, “that’s why, it is no wonder that he created three literary pieces as the ones we are presenting today. In those books, the personality of the author is outlined and his experiences join a magical realism which, at the end, falls short before the experiences of the author”, he added while he invited Wright to the podium.

“I am most grateful to everyone who has contributed to the relaunching of my books”, said the writer, who later shared a thought regarding his profession: “To write is not easy; for me, writing has two poles: One is the one in which I withdraw myself from reality and live my characters. The other one is when God charges my mind to create a lot”.

Finally, the writer thanked all the people present and revealed some details of his next book, which will be based in the Guayaquil of the sixties. After his speech, the famous Ecuadorian singer Egberto Garcia, delighted the audience with his voice while champagne and snacks were served.