Collective Exhibition in honor of René Bohórquez Antón

The Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, founded by Lawyer Álvaro Noboa Pontón in honor of his father, will carry out on Wednesday, june 27 of 2013, a collective art exhibition of outstanding paintings from International Biennials with the objective of promoting the talent of young artists of the country and of the world.

The International Painting Biennial “Álvaro Noboa”, awards artists with the main objective of turning the port city into a cultural center recognized worldwide.

The last winner of the Biennial, René Bohórquez Antón, who is recognized with this exhibition, is a young man of 19 years old who studied in the art faculty of the Espíritu Santo University (UESS), and had as reference, painters like Rembrandt with his art work Slaughter Ox; The Cruxifictions of Francis Bacon; and his particular interest on The Flesh of Lucian Freud, took him to the creation of Encarnada, art work that obtained the first place in the third edition of the International Biennial.

The director of the Museum, Pablo Martínez Rojas, expressed “we are surprised because there were artists of every level and every technique and trends. Even of the new hyper-realistic trends. Then comes this young man, who paints with a spatula or with a clean hand, and presents us a beautiful painting with a technique that has been mastered and used for 300 or 400 years”.

Bohórquez managed to impose himself at the Biennial, even with a jury that was extremly demanding, among them Enrique Tábara, who has several awards in Europe; “that is why we are paying a tribute here at the Museum”, said Martínez.

The director assures that it is expected a major attendance to this exhibition in which he aspires to count with the support of principal media of the country, so the objective of motivating the young people to be involved in the fourth edition of the Biennial is fulfilled, in which is expected a major welcoming than the previous ones, at national and international levels.

The exhibition will present around 70 pieces which have been recognized in previous International Biennials, and belong to different artists around the world, among them, italian, turkish, german, spanish, colombian, venezuelan, american and of course ecuadorian masters.




The Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum was founded by Alvaro Noboa with several objectives, the main one was to promote art among the bastions and emerging young people of the country and worldwide, because this Museum -as quoted by the press- organizes a Biennial every two years.

What is the Biennial of Guayaquil? Is an opportunity to promote and award the most relevant artists from Ecuador, Latin America, Europe and the United States. Artists from the Middle East, from Turkey and China have also participated, so we want for Guayaquil to become a cultural center; the last winner of the Biennial was a young man of 19 years old, student of the Art Faculty at the Espiritu Santo University, UESS.

Rene Bohorquez Anton surprised the jury, the general public and the artists by painting with a spatula and with a free hand style, a technique that was used 300 and 400 years ago, with oil in high relief and texture. Among the jury there were acclaimed artist like Enrique Tabara, Felix Arauz and the museum curator, Joseph Roberts from Seattle.

We wanted to pay tribute to this young man, because we want to motivate young people to participate in the fourth Biennial, we want the people of this country to be more interested in this kind of cultural events and also to attract countries from all over the world; instead of having 25 countries participating we want 50 and turn Guayaquil into a cultural capital of the world.

I want to invite all art lovers, our Museum friends, our Facebook and Twitter friends, to the exhibition that we are going to carry out from June 17 at the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, which is located in P.Icaza 302 and Cordova, first floor, where Condor Insurance Company is.

We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you very much!