Bolivar Vallarino: an art party in “Any given day”


The artistic exhibition of Ecuadorean Bolívar Vallarino, “Any given day”, definitely marked a before and after in the history of the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum. Last night the place dressed up in art, with paintings, photographs, sculptures and live dance and music performances.

The director of the museum, Pablo Martínez, thanked the work of businessman Alvaro Noboa, who established the museum, for allowing these kind of events. Martinez read a brief overview of the artist and introduce him to family members, friends and colleagues.

“Bolivar Vallarino fills us with satisfaction because, without having the need to explain, we can see what his art projects, an art so positive, simple and with an overwhelming strength when we deepen into it.”

The guests were witnesses of more than 40 pieces, between oil paintings and canvases that reflect shapes through recycled materials, iron sculptures, engravings and photographs which showed the daily life.

During the exhibition there were live classical and contemporary music. Two young lyrical singers, together with a concert pianist; international guests like the Duran brothers from Colombia, who gave the tropical touch to the evening, along with a young dancer who danced to the themes performed during the night.

What Bolivar transmit through his work is passion; a profound artistic content. “Any given day”, group several meanings through different manifestations, that shouldn’t be pigeonhole. Bolivar’s work revives the artist experiences happened while creating his pieces, without any art preconception in general.