Art exhibition of William Hernandez was very well received in Guayaquil


The night of last July 23, the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, founded by businessman Alvaro Noboa Ponton, experienced a magical evening full of colors and textures, thanks to the spectacular art exhibition entitled: “Boarding: Three hundred and four square meters”, by cuban artist William Hernandez Silva, where it was shown the talent, skills, and creativity of this renown expert.

“It is a detailed and studied work, that’s why, we can see bronze sculptures in the exhibition, which are explained by a sketch (…) Leonardo Da Vinci and Andre Berton, who is known as the father of surrealism, worked in that way (…) and William Hernandez is not far behind”, said the Director of the Museum, Pablo Martinez Rojas, in his speech in honor of the cuban artist.

Among the applause of the huge audience, this uninhibited and uncomplicated artist, expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome of the Museum, and specially of his closest friends and those who would become his friends that night. “I was happy from the moment I was placing the pieces for the exhibition and I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed creating each one of them”, expressed Hernandez.

Finally, as is customary, the audience enjoyed the champagne and delicious snacks, to later listen to the well known singer, Egberto Garcia, who delighted the night with various themes.