Painting Exhibition of Fernando Manríquez


Yesterday, at 19h00, was held the painting exhibition of Chilean artist Fernando Manriquez Murua, great exponent of latin american art, at the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo museum in Guayaquil.

Manriquez, born in ValparaIso, has brought his art to Chile, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Europe and Ecuador, the latter, a source of inspiration for his studies on ancestral cultures, which are reflected in his artwork.

During the opening of the exhibition, Manriquez started his speech with a warm greeting to all people present. “I am deeply grateful to the museum and its organizers for the invitation extended to me to exhibit my paintings for a month, artwork that represents a set of work that I have been carrying out throughout the years”

“I am very pleased for this exhibition, because I haven’t exhibited in Guayaquil for many years. I lived here for a long time and I have excellent memories. To be a part of the  Ecuadorian plastic arts is a great honor to me”, added the painter.

Finally, Manriquez ended his speech with a deep thought about art, and thanked again the audience and the museum for such warm welcome, “The plastic language is a universal language that has no boundaries or limits.  I hope that you enjoy my work. Thank you all and the museum for welcoming me as a museum should welcome every artist, thank you very much”.


Gallery of Paintings:


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