Nancy Vizcaino, presents her pictorial work at the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum


Nancy Hipatia Vizcaino Burgos, has a degree in Fine Arts from the Central University of Ecuador, she has been an artist for 25 years and she has focused her work into the integration of oils, drawings, and different textures in her art pieces.

Nancy explains that being and sculptor-engraver has made her focus her work more into painting, due to the lack of spaces in that field. Her beginnings were into packaging, but soon after, she started to incorporate different materials to her paintings, what she called her second period. In her third period, she incorporated acids and oxides and in her fourth period she started with the drawings.

In this new face, which is being exhibited at the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, Nancy shows that her fifth period is composed by the integration of all the resources used before: oils, drawings and textures.

This fine artist, born in Quito, says that her greater inspiration comes mainly from nature. She uses wild materials, that can give a weathered twist, like earthy or rusted. From this last period, she highlights the porous stone, found in mines, also the use of glitters to give the weathered effect to a metal exposed outdoors. Besides the frequent use of earth, clay and wood.

“When I pick a theme, any theme that comes from the heart, I do it by looking for a more introspective sense; more essence. To capture a gaze, the expression of tenderness, the pain or the sadness.”

Her paintings project, more than a particular theme, the nature itself. That is why she uses the countryside, the animals, but more than anything, the coherence between the theme and the textures, and the whole composition at the end.

Her artwork is also characterized for its large size. She assures that the use of stones and different types of earth add a heavy weight that a small canvas could not bare. Besides, a canvas of small capacity wouldn’t let her express the entirety of her idea.