Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum presented pictorial exhibition of Nancy Vizcaíno


Yesterday, at 19:00, the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum carried out a pictorial exhibition from Ecuadorian artist Nancy Vizcaino Burgos, who presented over 42 art pieces.

The exhibition started with an opening ceremony in which Pablo Martinez, director of the Museum, presented the artwork.

“Her art is filled with roots of our country, therefore, I dare to say, it travels through the time and history of our country(…) It also has modern and contemporary faces where she introduce images of human beings in different situations”, expressed Martinez in his speech, who also pointed out, that Nancy has achieved several awards in national contests, thanks to her discipline and dedication, like the first prize in the Luis A. Martinez Biennial, in Ambato, and the second mention in painting, PARIS prize, also in Ambato.

For her part, the artist thanked through a short speech to all the people present in the exhibition of her artwork, which are produced with wild materials that bring a weathered twist, earthy and rusted, to her paintings.
“I just want to thank you. I know that all the people gathered here, is here for the art. It only remains for me to say: enjoy my work”, said Nancy Vizcaino.

Several characters related to art and culture attended the exhibition, like the Spanish poet Antonio Santos and the ecuadorian painters Marcos Martinez and Cristian Moreano.

The access to the Museum is free to see the pictorial exhibition. The Museum is located in P. Ycaza and Cordova streets and the exhibition is open between 10h00 and 18h00, until June 7.


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