Pablo Martinez’ Speech – Eloy Cumbet Painting Exhibition 2010

It is an art critic gallerist there was also a painter as also Pepe Luque a Bolivian panelist and famous man of many seasons,  Academy teacher, Luis Miranda and Jaime Villa, more appreciated the initiative of the creativity of young peopleand set aside a little work and professionalism of the light that Eloy Cumbet has then for that reason was not the winner but at another time if they were other juries had been the best winner Eloy on July’s Biennial, the Biennial of Guayaquil 2008 forgiveness, then I want to make clear that a painter is remarkable that his art is as you see in the invitation motivated by the light and he talks about various recipes of light and several painters of light and saying that’s where the color comes out , hence out what you are doing in this exposition which is an amalgam of colors everywhere want you to appreciatethis exhibition as something that is normally beyond the art, this is the imaginative worlds apart, worlds imaginative but nobody sees Eloy in his mind and some viewers who have been following his career for this reason I want to applaud him and now I will present Cumbet Eloy.


It is a very special night in the canon of the light from each one of you supports the art show and I’m sure in your mind remember this show from the beginning of life, light is an essential element for living is the reference of my new pictorial processes in which the subjects are treated in the imagination of the color and how color balance is very important in the new vision of my presentation is to harmonize the nuances in relation to life and record of learning continue discovering new innovative techniques and leaving tracks of my contribution to universal art. Light and Form as my exposure, the truth is that we do not live in a world of objects with color, the color of things really in the light that shines on them, light is the only source of light color, and if not there is not even more subdued color.

Thank you very much for coming companions to their exposure.


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