Third International Biennial of Painting in Guayaquil.

Published in Diario Hoy / Daily Living Supplement

Juan Caguana Second Biennale Winner
This year there will be five winners: First Place, $10,000; Second Place, $5,000; and five of $1,000 each

Álvaro Noboa and the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum are calling on national and foreign artists to participate in the III Álvaro Noboa International Biennial of Painting.

The artistic gathering will take place between April 5 and May 5, as a contribution of the institution and of artists to the development of global art and culture.

The principal and only theme will be: The Elements of Nature, and is directed primarily at the world’s young painters, although the convocation is open to all visual artists.

In a communiqué directed at this newspaper, the organizers of the event state that the technique to be used for the works is oil or acrylic on canvas.

The format should not exceed 150cm x 150cm, with a minimum size of 80cm x 60cm.

One of the rules of the competitions is that the rights to the prize-winning works are transferred to the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum.

Also specified, is that the works should include the artist’s basic information, photographs of the artist and the participating work, all of which will be used for publicity, for information to the Press and to supplement the Museum’s archives.

Those interested should register until 7pm on March 5 in the administrative offices of the Museum, in Guayaquil, and should present two works duly framed and ready for exhibition.

Costs for return packaging and shipping will be the responsibility of the participating artist.

“We do not accept express or registered post, only works that arrive directly to the Museum offices,” is indicated in the communique.

A further requirement is that the works do not include a price value, given they are to participate in a competition.

In this third edition of the Biennial, seven acquisition prizes will be bestowed.

PRIZES.  First Place, entitled “Álvaro Noboa” includes $10,000; Second Place, $5,000; and five further Newcomer Prizes, of $1,000 each.

Those responsible for the Biennial declare further that the prizes are indivisible and that the prize-winning works will form part of the Museum collection.

All prizes will be granted to the winning artists on the date of the inauguration, following the announcement of the verdict.

The jury. Will be composed of renowned visual artists and/or art critics, and will be the same for admission as for the judging of the works.

The decision of the jury will be final, and the participating artists, upon registration, agree to all aspects of the regulations.

Furthermore, each artist should collect their works, once the Biennial has concluded, from the Museum offices, by submitting the document given upon receipt of the work.

Works not accepted should be withdrawn within 30 days after the inauguration; accepted works, in accord with Rule 13 of the Regulations, should be withdrawn within 15 days after the closing of the exhibition, in the Museum Offices. Should this not occur, uncollected works will become part of the Museum’s holdings.

Second edition:  Guayaquilian artist, Juan Caguana, 25 years old, won last year with his work Picnic.

Saidel Brito, a Cuban resident in Ecuador, earned second place with the work, Capitulares.

Kate Vrijmoet, from the United States, came in third place with the painting, Shotgun Accident.

They were selected from among 64 participating works, that took up two floors of the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, located in the center of Guayaquil.

The works were produced by 55 Ecuadorian and foreign artists. In total, 387 works by 288 painters from 25 countries were submitted to the competition.

Information supplied by the webpage, where those interested in participating in the third edition, states that, of these, 172 were by Ecuadorian artists. (MEVO)


THE FIRST edition of the Biennial was held in honor of the birth of Luis A. Noboa Naranjo in order to support art and culture in Ecuador.

THE WINNERS were Ecuadorians Jimmy Lara, Wilson Quichimbo and Pedro Dávila.

IN THE SECOND edition, held in 2010, the winners were the Ecuadorian Juan Christian Maguana, in first place; Saidel Brito, from Cuba, in second; and Kate Vrijmoet, from the Unite States, in third.

THE THREE first prices in the two events received a diploma and prices of $20,000, $10,000 and $5,000 respectively.

EACH YEAR the organizers also convey several Honorable Mentions among the participants.

ONE OF THE RULES of the Biennial is that it is an acquisition competition, that is to say that the works of the winning artists become property of the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum where they are exhibited.