The Alvaro Noboa Museum held a press conference on April 14th 2014: Presentation of the jury of the Fourth Biennial of Painting Alvaro Noboa

On Monday April 14th, the ecuadorian philanthropist Álvaro Noboa Pontó realized a press conference to make the formal presentation of the Jury of the “Fourth Biennial of Painting Alvaro Noboa”, the curator of the biennial, and a brief sample of representative art costumes from the collection “Women in the Bible”, designed by Maria del Mar Proaño.

The press conference was held at the headquarters of the Museum, where one could see several artworks from all over the world: Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, among others.

We share with you a brief photo gallery of the event.

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