The Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum invites ECUADORIAN and FOREIGN Sculptors to participate in the First Sculpture Biennial of Guayaquil “ÁLVARO NOBOA PONTÓN” to be held on April 28, 2020, as a contribution from the institution to Sculptors.
1. In the I Sculpture Biennial, whose theme is “LOVE”, all Ecuadorian and foreign sculptors may participate with an individual and original creation of bronze, marble or other noble material and durable, with unpublished, free work that has been carried out during the last two years, the works may not exceed a maximum dimension of 60 x 40 x 30 cm and a minimum of 40 x 40 x 30 cm.
2. The deadline for delivery of the works for their pre-selection will be on February 21, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.
3. Foreign artists should send to the following address: museolann@hotmail.com digital photographs with a white background from the front, side and back angle, in addition to the technical file of the work and the artist’s biographical summary (one paragraph).
4. The Works must be presented in perfect condition and properly packed. The admitted works must have all their exhibition details solved.
5. Works that are in the circumstances indicated below will not be accepted or admitted:
• Works that have been previously exhibited in national, Latin American or biennial shows.
• The sculptures that show signs of deterioration, as well as the works made with polluting materials by biological or chemical elements or others that cause damage to the public or to other works.
• Those that have been made with perishable materials, extremely fragile, incapable of conserving their physical integrity during the time of the exhibition or that present a problem with their handling and conservation will not be admitted.
6. The costs of packing and round-trip transportation of the works will be borne by the participating artist.
7. Works from abroad whose author wants to send must be done by a specialized transport and cargo company such as DHL, FEDERAL EXPRESS, UPS, or similar. With the instructions for its return, in case of not winning any of the acquisition prizes stipulated in article 9 of these regulations.
8. We will not accept express or national mail. The works must also come without price and declared worthless, since they come for a competition. Works that do not meet the aforementioned requirements will not be accepted. The Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum is not responsible for damages suffered by the works during their transport and exhibition, although it will use all the means at its disposal for their best care.
9. The following acquisition prizes will be awarded:
• 1st Grand Prize Acquisition “Álvaro Noboa” 5,000 US dollars.
• 2nd Prize Acquisition 1,500 US dollars.
10. The prizes are indivisible and the winning works will become part of the Museum’s collection.
11. The prizes will be awarded to the winning artists on the opening day, after reading the verdict.
12. The jury will be made up of sculptors of national and international renown.
13. The jury’s decision will be final and the participating artists, at the time of registering their works, will accept in all its parts these regulations.
14. The works not admitted must be withdrawn within the 10 days following Friday, February 28, 2020; and the works that are admitted, in the course of the 15 days following the closing of the exhibition, in the offices of the LANN Museum.
15. Each artist must collect the works, once the First Biennial has concluded, at the Museum offices, showing the document that was given to them upon receipt of the work.
16. Selected works by foreign artists will be received until March 20, 2020
17. Works not withdrawn after one month will become the property of the Museum
18. Any unforeseen event will be resolved by the Museum Director.
Ab. Pablo Martínez Rojas
Director of the LuiS A. NOBOA NARANJO Museum LANN
More information:
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