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Third Biennial Invitation Poster


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Third Biennial Regulations

Third Alvaro Noboa Biennial of Painting Regulations

Alvaro Noboa Pontón invites all painters of the visual arts from the five continents to participate in the III Biennial.

1. All local and foreign artists can participate.

2. Oil or acrylic on canvas will be the medium utilized to highlight “The Elements of Nature” Format must not exceed 1.50m x 1.50m nor be less than 0.80cm x 0.60cm .

3. Rights over award winning paintings will belong to the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum.

4. Paintings should be sent with author`s basic facts, photographs of himself and of paintings participating for advertising and journalistic purposes and can be sent until 7pm on the 5th of March of 2012 . They can also be delivered directly to Miss. Frida Idrobo , Museum administrator at the Museum`s main office located on the corner of P. Icaza 302 and Cordova on the 1st floor of the Seguros Condor Insurance Building .

5. All artists will deliver a maximum of two paintings, duly framed and ready to be shown .

6. Packing and transportation costs, both ways for all works, will be the participating artist`s responsibility.

7. We will not accept express or national mailing services only paintings which arrive directly to the museum`s offices. All works should arrive without a price tag and should be submitted as having no monetary value since they are there to compete. Paintings which fail to conform to these regulations will not be accepted. The Museum will not take responsibility for whatever damages these works sustain during transportation and exhibition, although all efforts will be made to care for them.

8. The following Acquisition Awards will be given out :
1st “Alvaro Noboa” Acquisition grand prize $10.000 dollars.
2nd Acquisition Prize: $5.000 dollars and, 5 revelation Prizes for the Biennial (Acquisition) of $1.000 dollars for each one.

9. Prizes are indivisible and awarded works will become part of the museum’s collection.

10. Prizes will be delivered to the winning artists on inaugural day , before reading out the veridict .

11. The jury will be conformed by renowned painters and / or art critics .The same is true for painting admission as for awarding prizes.

12. The Jury`s decision is final and all participating artists will accept regulations stipulated on inscribing their paintings .

13. Each artist shall remove his paintings, from the Museum`s offices once the III Biennial concludes by showing that document he received on delivering his work.

14. Works not admitted must be removed during the 30 days following the inauguration and those admitted , according to stipulations put forth on point 13 of the present regulations that is , 15 days subsequent to closure of the event , in the Museum`s offices. Otherwise , those works not removed will become patrimonial asset to the Museum .

15. Any unforeseen event will be resolved by the Museum`s Director.

Guayaquil, 25 de September 2011
Ab. Pablo Martínez Rojas
Director of the Museum

Attorney Alvaro Noboa’s Homage

Alvaro Noboa shares a heartful speech about the cultural tribute made to his father.


In memory of his father

“Culture is the patrimony of the people and constitutes an essential component of its identity.”

Based on this concept, which is universal, Álvaro Noboa considered that the best tribute that he could make to his father was to establish the museum that carries his name and to put his private collection on display, with the objective of sharing it with citizens both of the country and from abroad who visit the city of Guayaquil and, at the same time, promote and encourage the talent and creativity of our artists.

Awards for the II Alvaro Noboa Biennial of Painting, 2010

Awards for the II Alvaro Noboa Biennial of Painting, 2010

The jury will be composed of 5 members nominated by the organizers of the event, and will be the same for both the selection of works, as for the prize-giving.

The jury’s decision will be made known on the day of the inauguration of the II Biennial, Wednesday, April 28, 2010.

The jury will select a maximum of 50 works for exhibition, from which the 3 prize-winning works and 3 Honorable Mentions will be selected.

First Prize Acquisition: Twenty Thousand Dollars and Diploma
Second Prize: Ten Thousand Dollars and Diploma
Third Prize: Five Thousand Dollars and Diploma

Three Honorable Mentions

The jury’s decision is final and beyond appeal. The awards can not be declared void. Works awarded prizes will become part of the Museum’s collection.

The news about the Museum and other cultura projects promoted by Alvaro Noboa will be published by the media

Any unforeseen circumstance will be resolved by the Museum’s Director.

Pablo Martínez Rojas
Museum Director

Inauguration of the First Biennial of Painting

Inauguration of the First Biennial of Painting

On the 1st of April, 2008, in a simple and, at the same time, emotional ceremony, Counselor Álvaro Noboa Pontón inaugurated the first “Luis A. Noboa Naranjo” Biennial of Painting.

Guests belonging to the business, professional, artistic and cultural sectors gathered in the offices of the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum in order to participate in the inauguration and the granting of prizes to the winners of the 1st Biennial of Painting.

It was an opportunity to get to know the winning works and those that received Honorable Mentions, which were catalogued by the qualifying jury as a representative sample of the enormous creativity and talent of Ecuadorian painters.

In his inaugural speech, Álvaro Noboa Pontón expressed his pleasure in promoting a new generation of painters and thus proceeded to bestow the prizes to the winners.

Jimmy Lara, the winner, received the established prize of $3,000 for his work, “We Click to Continue”.

For his work “It’s said that”, Wilson Quichimbo received the second prize of $2,0000.

And, Pedro Dávila received the third prize of $1,000 for his work “The Frog’s Game”.

Jaqueline Villamar, Eloy Cumbe, Marcos Barahona and Wilson Jácome received Honorable mentions.

It is important to point out that the Ecuadorian-Argentine painter, Claudia Serrano Solá participated with two works that today belong to the museum.
The 1st Biennial of Painting was undoubtedly a success due to the participation of 230 artists, the selection of the qualifying jury, and the transparency and communication of the process through to its culmination.

Countless congratulations went to Pablo Martínez, the Museum’s Director, and his team of colleagues, beginning with those of Counselor Alvaro Noboa and the attending guests who enjoyed a beautiful cultural soirée.



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