Arturo Constante, biography

Arturo Constante_museoluisnoboanaranjo

Born in Guayaquil on January 4, 1943, he has devoted most of his life to painting. He studied at the Fine Arts School of Guayaquil and the Department School of Plastic Arts of Cali, Colombia. He has lived 49 years in the US, where his artistic labor has developed largely.

He describes his style as abstract and neo expressionism, his landscapes as post-impressionist and of suggestive theamatic abstractionism.

He likes to translate what he feels, testimony of his experiences, his emotions. The use of warm colors is always present in his work.

Arthur Constante is a an illustrated sailor who has taken his art to many ports of the world; weaver of shadows and experiences where caricatures of life pour ailments; he knows to consubstantiate ideas with figures; logical images with transparent colors; plastic motivator in each sailing, he suggests new things. He knows how to harmonize the native images with suggestive representations of a planet always metamorphic; spaces and rain with colors with which he knows how to forge his canvases.

Thursday September 17 he will present  “Onírico Erotic” at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, an exhibition in acrylic and mixed technique.