Cenia Castro, painter and organizer of the Prism art exhibition

Cenia Castro, the painter and organizer of the Prism art exhibition that is on display since March 27th 2014 at the Alvaro Noboa Museum, shared some insights about the origin of the art works. We share with you some of her words, an audio interview, and some photos of the artist.

“My name is Cenia Castro, I am the person who created and organized this art exhibition, titled Prism. All the artworks are developed in paper, whether paintings or sculptures. The idea of using paper in this exposition is to praise this resource, because it is a basic element that can be found anywhere and it can become a piece of art.”
“In my perspective, paper is a metaphor representing women. A woman can fall and be mistreated, but like a paper, she can be reconstructed again and can become a work of art. The Prism painting exhibition, at the same time, manages a color theme, where every artist has worked the life of a woman according to a specific color, or a range of representative feelings.”
IMG_8603The artist, Cenia Castro

Cenia Castro and the Museum Director, Pablo Martínez

Cenia Castro and the president of the Chamber of Commerce in Guayaquil, Eduardo Peña