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El Universo mentions the International Photography Competition of the Luis Noboa Naranjo museum

From January 28 to February 28, the museum Luis Noboa Naranjo held the International Photographic Competition Alvaro Noboa, this was published by the Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo. The note describes how is the competition, besides its objectives. Also quotes Paul Martinez, director of the museum, who said that until now has over 200 photographs of artists from around the world.

It is recalled that the call for entries is open until January 16. After passing through a specialized jury, they will announce the winners. The Argentine Manuel Tama and Ecuador Wladimir Torres will make chief curator and assistant curator in the competition. The jury consists of Priscilla Parker, Chantal Fontaine and Eduardo Salvador.

“This year we have not chosen a specific topic, but we suggest to participants that the photos speak on world peace” Matínez told the newspaper. The first place winner of this contest will receive a cash compensation of $ 3,000; second, 2,000; and the third, $ 1,000.

The competition starts this January

The competition starts this January

The first Biennial of Photography in South America will start in January 28

The Ecuadorian art patron Alvaro Noboa and the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, convened a global competition of digital photography called “Alvaro Noboa Ponton”, this event will start from January 28 and will end on February 28, 2015. The director of the museum, Pablo Enrique Rojas, emphasized that this is the first biennial of photography in South America.

However, the competition includes photographers, both amateur and professional, from the five continents. So far there are photographers participating from roughly 30 countries, including: US, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Russia, China, Indonesia, Australia, Iran and Egypt. The event will have four guest judges: Chantal Fontaine, Priscilla Parker, Fabian Peñaherrera and Eduardo Salvador, they will be in charge of choosing the best images. Manuel Tama Gianni and Wladimir Torres will also attend the evening.

The first prize is $ 3.000; the second $ 2.000; and the third $ 1.000. Honorable Mentions will also be awarded. Additionally, the “Best old Photography” category has been established. The award for this category is $ 1.000. The awarded works will be held by the museum and will be integrated to their collection.

Mt Sindoro & Mt Sumbing viewed from Mt Prau Summit Author: Rheza Pradana.

Mt Sindoro & Mt Sumbing viewed from Mt Prau Summit
Author: Rheza Pradana.


museo2Philanthropis Alvaro Noboa and the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, convene national and foreign photographers to participate in the 1st International Photo Contest of Guayaquil “Álvaro Noboa” to be held on Wednesday, January 28 to Thursday February 28, 2015 .
The theme is free.
This contest is aimed primarily at young photographers in the world.
The framed photograph will be received along with the digital image on a CD that must be delivered or sent to the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum. Address: P. Icaza 302 y Córdova en el edificio El Cóndor, 1° piso. Friday January 16th is  final date for delivery.
The requirements for registration are:
• Name and surname
• Identity Card
• Email and Phone Contact
• Photography to present
NOTE: The contest is open to all ages and nationalities who wish to exhibit their talent.
The thematic of photography is free
• No reproductions or works directly showing  legends or labels interpreted as advertising will be accepted.
• The foreign participants will have the facility to send the photo digitally. If the jury accepts the nomination of the photo, the museum will be responsible for the disclosure of the same
• The work shall be accompanied by a title, comment or reflection of the author
• The photograph must be unpublished. Images published in written, digital media, social networks or participating in other contests will not be considered.
 The images will be presented framed with a minimal measure of 30 x 40 and a maximum of 60 x 80 cm.
• It may not be manipulated by any external software to the camera that the original take was made.
• The format in which participants parts will be received is JPG, with a minimum weight of 2 MB, in addition, the file does not exceed 5 MB.
• The participation of images created purely by software will not be considered.
• The reproductions or works directly showing  legends or labels that may be interpreted as advertising, will not be accepted.
• In addition there will be a special prize for the person who submits the best photo of old Guayaquil.
• The photos will be judged by three renowned professors and established photographers.
• The jury will take place on Saturday January 17, 2015.
• The verdict will be irrevocable .
• Photographs that do not meet the above mentioned may not be accepted and / or excluded from the exhibition room without notice, not giving rise to any claim.
• The winners will be notified via email and on the website of the Luis Noboa Museum:  www.museoluisnoboanaranjo.com , photographs will be published in the same.
• First Prize “Álvaro Noboa”: $ 3,000
• Second Prize: $ 2,000
• Third Prize: $ 1,000
• “Old of Guayaquil” Prize: $ 1000
Prizes may not be declared any unforeseen void and any unforeseen event will be resolved by the Director of the Museum, Pablo Martinez Rojas.
The three winning works will be in the possession of the museum and will become part of the permanent assets of the institution.
Pablo Martinez Rojas
Director LANN

The Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, under the leadership of philanthropist Álvaro Noboa, prepares the first edition of a poetry contest

The Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, under the leadership of philanthropist Álvaro Noboa, prepared the first edition of a poetry contest, which will be part of the Fourth International Biennial of Painting.

The contest rules indicate that a only one poem by author will be received. The theme and structure of each poem are free to choose. About the extension of poetry, this should be maximum one page (A4 size) in length, with a minimum font size 12 in Arial or Times New Roman. The text must be original and unpublished.

The reception deadline of the poems is Friday March 21, 2014. The poem may be submitted in hard copy at the offices of the museum, at the following address: P. Icaza 302 and Córdova, firt floor, Edificio Seguros Cóndor.

A decision on the winners will be on April 25. The first prize is $ 1,000, second prize is $ 500 and the third will be $ 300.

For further information, you are invited to read the journalistic note about this event made ​​by El Universo newspaper:


reENFOQUES – Paint Exhibition from the artist Luis Alberto Medina Enriquez – sponsored by the Alvaro Noboa Museum


The Museum Director Pablo Martínez Rojas, with the philanthropist  Alvaro Noboa, have the pleasure to invite you to the paint exhibition from the artist Luis Alberto Medina Enriquez, titled “reENFOQUES”. The event will be realized on Thursday July 19.

Address: P. Icaza 302 y Córdova (corner). Seguros Condor Building, first floor.

“I paint sensations, pretending that the lines could talk, that the color dances, that the light and shadows could talk, forging a pictoric and sensory dialogue, which is born beyond my being”.

– Luis Medina

Inauguration of the painting exhibition “Musas, Inspiración y Color” by artist Héctor Anchundia [JUL-4-2012]

On July 4th 2012, the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum had the pleasure to introduce the famous ecuadorian painter, Héctor Anchundia. The artist shared his best 35 paintings, which will be in exhibition in the city of Guayaquil. Ecuador.

The exhibition is titled “Musas, Inspiración y Color”. The presentation was realized at the Alvaro Noboa Museum headquarters at 7PM, and had the presence from its Director, Pablo Martínez Rojas, who shared his insight about Anchundia’s masterpieces.

Here is a brief photo gallery of the inauguration.


Inaguración de la muestra pictórica del artista Hector Anchundia

[img src=http://www.alvaronoboamuseum.com/wp-content/flagallery/inaguracion-de-la-muestra-pictorica-del-artista-hector-anchundia/thumbs/thumbs_p1000005.jpg]620
[img src=http://www.alvaronoboamuseum.com/wp-content/flagallery/inaguracion-de-la-muestra-pictorica-del-artista-hector-anchundia/thumbs/thumbs_p1000006.jpg]200
[img src=http://www.alvaronoboamuseum.com/wp-content/flagallery/inaguracion-de-la-muestra-pictorica-del-artista-hector-anchundia/thumbs/thumbs_p1000007.jpg]130
[img src=http://www.alvaronoboamuseum.com/wp-content/flagallery/inaguracion-de-la-muestra-pictorica-del-artista-hector-anchundia/thumbs/thumbs_p1000008.jpg]230
[img src=http://www.alvaronoboamuseum.com/wp-content/flagallery/inaguracion-de-la-muestra-pictorica-del-artista-hector-anchundia/thumbs/thumbs_img_1351.jpg]260
[img src=http://www.alvaronoboamuseum.com/wp-content/flagallery/inaguracion-de-la-muestra-pictorica-del-artista-hector-anchundia/thumbs/thumbs_img_1362.jpg]210
[img src=http://www.alvaronoboamuseum.com/wp-content/flagallery/inaguracion-de-la-muestra-pictorica-del-artista-hector-anchundia/thumbs/thumbs_img_1368.jpg]2230
[img src=http://www.alvaronoboamuseum.com/wp-content/flagallery/inaguracion-de-la-muestra-pictorica-del-artista-hector-anchundia/thumbs/thumbs_img_1374.jpg]460
[img src=http://www.alvaronoboamuseum.com/wp-content/flagallery/inaguracion-de-la-muestra-pictorica-del-artista-hector-anchundia/thumbs/thumbs_img_1386.jpg]330
[img src=http://www.alvaronoboamuseum.com/wp-content/flagallery/inaguracion-de-la-muestra-pictorica-del-artista-hector-anchundia/thumbs/thumbs_img_1387.jpg]250