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Two experts gave a conference about extraterrestrial contact


Last wednesday October 2 was carried out at the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, established and led by businessman Alvaro Noboa, a conference about the presence of extraterrestrial beings in the planet. Jose Yaguana and Ronald Chavez, speakers, affirmed they have had contact with an extraterrestrial being.

Yaguana spoke about his experience, which he called “contact with older brothers”, in other words, extraterrestrial beings who have infiltrated among humans to populate the Earth with a superior specie. “When we are ready, in a spiritual way, it will become the most beautiful moment. That will be the time for them to intervene, pollinate and then take that being that belongs to another world”, he explained.

He also told that his wife has had extraterrestrial contact and was ‘pollinated’ by one of those beings. To his testimony was added an exhibition of images taken with a solar filter that showed the presence of unidentified flying objects hidden in several places of Latin America.

He warned that any person can be contacted by the ‘older brothers’, but that person needs to take into account that these beings don’t damage their integrity, “only then we can know if they have good intentions”, he made clear.

Following a musical performance of Tchaikovsky, the conference continued with the intervention of ufologist Ronald Chavez, who showed, how, through art, human beings have reflected extraterrestrial contacts throughout history.

“Our ancestors were excellent artists who reflected what they saw and these are relevant proofs of the presence of strange beings in rupestrian paintings”, said Chavez.

The ufologist took the opportunity to show some videos declassified by Russia after the Cold War, in which, ships and beings with bulging heads can be seen, both in the soviet recordings and the american ones form Area 51.

“It is not a surprise that despite the technological advancement of Russia, the United States managed to overcome them thanks to the regressive analysis of the ships and extraterrestrial artefacts”, he mentioned.

Both speakers received a recognition from the director of the museum, Pablo Martinez Rojas.

Bolivar Vallarino: an art party in “Any given day”


The artistic exhibition of Ecuadorean Bolívar Vallarino, “Any given day”, definitely marked a before and after in the history of the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum. Last night the place dressed up in art, with paintings, photographs, sculptures and live dance and music performances.

The director of the museum, Pablo Martínez, thanked the work of businessman Alvaro Noboa, who established the museum, for allowing these kind of events. Martinez read a brief overview of the artist and introduce him to family members, friends and colleagues.

“Bolivar Vallarino fills us with satisfaction because, without having the need to explain, we can see what his art projects, an art so positive, simple and with an overwhelming strength when we deepen into it.”

The guests were witnesses of more than 40 pieces, between oil paintings and canvases that reflect shapes through recycled materials, iron sculptures, engravings and photographs which showed the daily life.

During the exhibition there were live classical and contemporary music. Two young lyrical singers, together with a concert pianist; international guests like the Duran brothers from Colombia, who gave the tropical touch to the evening, along with a young dancer who danced to the themes performed during the night.

What Bolivar transmit through his work is passion; a profound artistic content. “Any given day”, group several meanings through different manifestations, that shouldn’t be pigeonhole. Bolivar’s work revives the artist experiences happened while creating his pieces, without any art preconception in general.

Exhibition of Vallarino is being promoted in the media

La Revista supplement, of El Universo Newspaper, published last Sunday in its cultural section, an information note about the exhibition of artist Bolivar Vallarino at the Luis A Noboa Naranjo Museum.

The publication:

Exhibition: Any given day

Date and time: 26/Sep/2013 – 12:00

Place: P. Icaza and Cordova streets

museum alvaro noboa bolivar vallarino exposition art gallery

Bolivar Vallarino Ollague will held an arte exposition at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum.

The exhibition Any given day, from artist Bolivar Vallarino O., will continue at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum.

The art pieces are a search of shapes and colors, a walk through personal and social meanings in which recycled materials predominate that create inviting and different paintings, as with the iron sculptures of innovative shapes and concepts.

The exhibition will be open until the first days of October.

In the culture section of Vida y Estilo, of the same newspaper, it is published a large note about the exhibition.

The publication:

Different arts in one exhibition

What do we do on any given day? That was the question asked by artist Bolivar Vallarino, and he reached the conclusion that we do many things sometimes or nothing at all in others. And his idea is to transmit to the public that we need to make an effort, to venture into creating. For this reason, the exhibition, that opens tonight at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, was called “Any given day”.

The exhibition is formed by 25 oil paintings of several themes, 4 pieces engraved in iron sheets and burnt in acid, 35 landscape photographs, 7 sculptures and various videos made by him. It is a production worked daily, in those regular days that the artist transform into special ones. “If we put enthusiasm and we really want, we can enjoy our days to the fullest”, says this artist, of 58 years old, marine biologist who decided, long time ago, to dedicate his life entirely to art.

In his photographs, he says, he has managed to capture images like landscapes or a simple worm eating a flower, “things that we see everyday but we decide not to notice, because we we don’t see the beauty in the things that happen everyday. A beauty that costs no money, the beauty of nature”, says Vallarino, who took classes at the old School of Fine Arts, where, he remembers, having teachers like Theo Constante, César Andrade Faini and other artists. He has embarked in the writing if a novel; he published a poem book before.

Everyone who comes to the exhibition of Vallarino will enjoy live music interpreted by violin players and a lyric singer, and also dance performances. The sculptures have lights that invite the public to touch them.

Date: Today


Any given day will be inaugurated today at 19h00 at the Luis A Noboa Naranjo Museum, (P. Icaza y Córdoba).


The exhibition will be open for ten days from 10h00 until 17h00.

Invitation to the Art Exhibition “Any given day”

bolivar vallarino will have his exhibition in the luis noboa naranjo museum founded by alvaro noboa

Bolívar Vallarino Ollague


“Any given day”





Videos and Music

Wednesday, September 25 of 2013

Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum

P. Icaza and Córdova streets


“Any given day” or the irrepressible creation

Is the exhibition of artist  Bolívar Vallarino Ollague, of multiple values, interpretations and enjoyment, which will be held at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, founded by businessman Álvaro Noboa in honor of his father.

The exhibition shows great experimentation, as every exhibition of an artist unsatisfied with the established should be. The work is a search of shapes and colors; a walk through personal and social meanings in which recycled materials predominate and create attractive and unique paintings and also iron sculptures with innovative shapes and concepts.

Abstract and figurative creations filled with frentic passion, strenght, vitality and beauty; Vallarino’s canvases combine gray shades, strong colors that contrast each other defining the shape with precision.

Photographs of daily life complement the exhibition, capturing the love for life, family, nature, anonymous people, reflecting the originality and the artist’s feelings.

William Martínez exhibits his art at the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum


On Wednesday night, the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum presented the most recent painting exhibition of Ecuadorian artist, William Martinez.

More than forty realistic pieces, worked in oil on canvas or carved in wood, show the urban reality of Guayaquil, and highlight little details of the common life of the city.

Martínez, studied in the academy of Fine Arts of Guayaquil and has won several awards and recognitions at national level, in different exhibitions and biennials.

The family of William accompanied the artist while Pablo Martinez, on behalf of the founder of the Museum, businessman Alvaro Noboa, thanked the people present and invited them to tour the facilities and enjoy the exhibition.

Artistic Tribute for Culture Month in Guayaquil

Las saturday, august 8, at 19h00, the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, founded by businessman Alvaro Noboa Ponton, with the support of the foundation “Ría Guayas” and the culture commission of the University of Guayaquil, presented the exhibition “Punto, Arte y Punto”, to pay tribute to professor Giner Calderon, teacher at the faculty of Social Communication (Facso), artist and engraver from Chile.

Following the words of the representative of the Foundation, Marcos Martinez, and the coordinator of the exhibition, Jenny Becerra, the event was formally open for people to appreciate the art pieces, which were created by artists from all the provinces of the country, including participants of the past international painting biennials.

The exposition, which will be open to the public until august 29, gathered around 250 people, among them, the consul from Chile, Juan Pablo Lira. The exhibition, formed by paintings, sculptures, engravings and heat engravings, are all for sale.


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