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TV Commercial of the III Bienniale Alvaro Noboa

TV Commercial of the III Alvaro Noboa Bienniale of Painting


You can read more news about Alvaro Noboa and his projects here.



III Alvaro Noboa Biennial of Painting Press Conference

Press Conference for the III Alvaro Noboa of Painting

Philanthropist Alvaro Noboa shared his mission and vision statement about the III Bienniale:

Distinguished members of the press thank you for coming.

It is my honor to have you here at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum. This press conference at which you have been called is to present you to the jury, which goal is to select a sample of one hundred frames or more of the hundreds we have received, from 20 countries and 14 provinces of Ecuador.

Press Release At The III Alvaro Noboa International Biennial Of Painting

Designers Present At The III Alvaro Noboa International Biennial

The “Luis Noboa Naranjo” Museum invites the press to a runway show of designer creations to take place March 20 at 5pm in the “Luis Noboa Naranjo” Museum, located at #302 P. Icaza and Cordova (1st floor).

The show will take place as part of the Inauguration of the III “Álvaro Noboa” International Biennial of Painting.

The designers will present attire painted in the theme of the Biennial, THE ELEMENTS OF NATURE, to be exhibited by renowned models, including: Noemi Amoretti, Miss Ford Model of the World; Gaby Parra, cover model for Vistazo; Miss Ecuador finalists, Priscilla Matamoros and Liss Cedeño; Karyn Hubig, Malena Espinales, Gabriela Muñoz, Sunny Chavarría, and others.

Among the Ecuadorian designers participating with their creations, are: Catalina Garcés de Wood, María del Mar Proaño, Luis Tipán, Roberto Rivadeneira, Abel Lara, Sylvia Zeas, Natasha Wiesner, Paulina Anda, among others.


Katherine Gafter
Public Relations
Cell: 090294739

Rembrandt and Bacon Inspired Bohórquez

Painter Bohórquez was inspired by Rembrandt and Bacon

Published in Expreso Newspaper, Expresiones Section, of Ecuador

Pintura "Encarnada" por René Bohorquez

Rembrandt and Bacon inspired Bohórquez

The first time that Bohórquez (then an adolescent) observed an autopsy as part of his 10th grade Bio-Chem course at the Abdón Calderón Private School. This experience inspired to paint the image of an indigenous child lying prostrate on a metal trolley in Guayaquil’s police morgue mark a before and after in the manner of seeing the human body for painter René Bohórquez. The painting could be seen as one of main masterpieces displayed thanks to the collaboration of social leader Alvaro Noboa and his III Biennial of Painting.

Breathing deeply in order to dominate his hyper-sensibility and not feel the cuts that the scalpel made into the body of the small child, Bohórquez remained in the dissection room.

Once the Y-shaped cut had been made, in order to open the thoracic chamber, a change of perspective surged within the young man.  “Upon seeing the organs, you forget it is a child and you think it is a piece of meat.”

Alvaro Noboa – Fulfilling a Dream

Alvaro Noboa The Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Musuem Fulfilling A Dream

The work, ‘Incarnate’, wins III Guayaquil Biennial

The work, ‘Incarnate’, wins III Alvaro Noboa Guayaquil Biennial

Published in El Universo Newspaper of Ecuador


Ganadora de la Tercera Bienal de Pint

The work, ‘Incarnate’, by artist René Bohórquez, won first place in the Guayaquil International Biennial of Painting, which will be open to the public from this Thursday.

20-year old Ecuadorian René Bohórquez, a student at the University of Especialidades Espíritu Santo (UEES) obtained the First Acquisition Prize of the III Guayaquil International Biennial of Painting. This cultural event is one of the dozens of social projects developed by philanthropist Alvaro Noboa.

Bohórquez’s winning work, entitled ‘Incarnate,’ was executed in oil on canvas. Tomorrow, at the inauguration ceremony for the exhibition of the competition, he will receive the prize of $10,000.