III Alvaro Noboa Biennial of Painting Press Conference

Press Conference for the III Alvaro Noboa of Painting

Philanthropist Alvaro Noboa shared his mission and vision statement about the III Bienniale:

Distinguished members of the press thank you for coming.

It is my honor to have you here at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum. This press conference at which you have been called is to present you to the jury, which goal is to select a sample of one hundred frames or more of the hundreds we have received, from 20 countries and 14 provinces of Ecuador.

This titanic effort is made by a group of my collaborators in just two months and has no precedent in the history of the city of Guayaquil and Ecuador.Painters of North American countries such as Canada, USA and Mexico,painters of Latin American countries like Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, painters of European countries like England, Italy, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Serbia, France, Spain and Euro-Asian countriessuch as Russia and Ukraine are participating.
So here we are on the difficult task for the gentlemen that I will present, to choose the winner of the Biennial, the second prize, five third prizes and sevenhonorable mentions.
I’ll Step in then to introduce the members of the jury: In United Kingdom North America, Seattle, Washington Mr. Joseph Roberts art critic.
From Brooklyn, New York Mr. Jeffrey Bishop U.S. artist, Bolivia and currently residing in the city of Guayaquil Mr. Jose Pepe Luque winner of the Watercolor Biennial Ecuador.
From Ecuador, the famous artist and internationally dedicated Master Felix Arauz, and finally the Ecuadorian master Enrique Tabara considered among the best painters alive today.

Thank you so much.

Alvaro Noboa