Attorney Alvaro Noboa’s Homage

Alvaro Noboa shares a heartful speech about the cultural tribute made to his father.


In memory of his father

“Culture is the patrimony of the people and constitutes an essential component of its identity.”

Based on this concept, which is universal, Álvaro Noboa considered that the best tribute that he could make to his father was to establish the museum that carries his name and to put his private collection on display, with the objective of sharing it with citizens both of the country and from abroad who visit the city of Guayaquil and, at the same time, promote and encourage the talent and creativity of our artists.

Over the course of his lifetime, Luis A. Noboa Naranjo, was a man identified with the visual arts, and was especially enamored of painting, acquiring 97 works of art that, being works of well-known painters, together constitute an invaluable treasure, and are a symbol and a pride to our country.

The technical information demonstrates the works of art included in this collection, in which three murals by Manuel Rendón Seminario stand out, as well as the paintings of the Quiteña School, those of Oswaldo Guayasamín, Eduardo Kingman, Humberto Moré, Carlos Catasse, Segundo Espinel, Luis Miranda, Oswaldo Viteri, and others.

Álvaro Noboa also considered it important to exhibit his father’s office: the personal objects that he used during his successful business life.

So that the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum would become a reality, he dedicated the first floor of the Condor Insurance Building, located en P Ycaza and Cordoba to the installation. Most importantly, he named Pablo Martinez Rojas as its director, giving him the responsibility of successfully carrying out this task and, over time, giving life to it.

Once the works were completed, the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum was solemnly inaugurated on January 25, 2006.