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Inauguration of Andrea Arellano Jara´s exhibition




On Tuesday August 18 the pictorial inauguration of the artist Andrea Arellano Jara took place in the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, founded by businessman Alvaro Noboa.

“CHAKANA” is the name of the exhibition of the Guayaquil artist, which shows bright and neon colors, that in her own words, are found in our culture, long before the PopArt.

In company of her family, friends and University classmates, Arellano enjoyed her fifth single exhibition, the same that will be open until September 12.

Andrea_Arellano_Jara_museo_luis_noboa_naranjo_3 Andrea_Arellano_Jara_museo_luis_noboa_naranjo_4
Andrea_Arellano_Jara_museo_luis_noboa_naranjo_5 Andrea_Arellano_Jara_museo_luis_noboa_naranjo_6

Arellano Andrea Jara


Born in Guayaquil, on October 30, 1988, at 26 years old, she has dabbled in painting, sculpture, fashion design, interior design, murals and video art. Her works have been exhibited in the House of Culture Nucleo del Guayas, the Faal, and the Salon de July.

Andrea Arellano has developed her artistic career for over 10 years working with pigments and vivid colors, which have become the main language of her work.

On August 18th she will exhibit her works at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, founded by businessman/philanthropist Alvaro Noboa, and whose director is Mr. Pablo Martinez Rojas.