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Luis A. Noboa Naranjo

Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Was Born in Ambato on February 1, 1916, and is Birth Registered on the 8th by his uncle, Jorge P. Naranjo. The Certificate States: That in Combined Volume 1, Page 63, Record 186 of the Registry of Births of Ambato Region, Corresponding to 1916... More »

IV Biennal of International Painting / IV Bienal de Pintura Álvaro Noboa

Alvaro Noboa and the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum summon Local and Foreign Artists to Take Part in the IV “Alvaro Noboa “ Guayaquil International Painting Biennial... More »

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Pictorial and sculptural exhibition in honor of the School of fine arts JJ Plaza

The pictorial and sculptural exhibition in honor of the School of fine arts JJ Plaza was realized at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, founded by philanthropist Álvaro Noboa.  The event was celebrated this last thursday, december 18 with two great art performances. Guests and museum authorities were delighted with the beautiful spectacle.

During the event there were two dance presentations performed by students of the Ana Paredes de Alfaro school. In addition, the models wore a wide variety of dresses and outfits. Guests photographed the most striking designs.

During the event, proffessors Marcos Martinez and Manuel Cevallos showed the paintings made by artists. The celebration welcomed distinguished guests. Prizes for the best artists were awarded at the end of the evening.

42 year anniversary of the museum

Hans Sán Andrés, sculptor.

42 year anniversary of the museum

Tatiana Calvo Ayala, painter.

42 year anniversary of the museum

Mónica Cruz, painter.

42 year anniversary of the museum

Amanda Velazco, painter

42 year anniversary of the museum

Demetrio Soberón, painter


Invitation to the pictorial and sculptural exhibition in honor of the School of fine arts JJ Plaza.

anniversary-museum-2014The philanthropist Alvaro Noboa and the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum invite all residents and visitors of Guayaquil to the pictorial and sculptural exhibition in honor of the School of fine arts JJ Plaza. The event will be held on Thursday, 18 December at 19h30 in the venur of the Museum: Cordova and P. Icaza streets, downtown.

Professors Marcos Martinez and Manuel Cevallos, on behalf of their Academy of Arts, will be responsible for the coordination and hosting of the evening, which will feature the exhibition of works of art, created by near 70 artists.

The second activity is  the presentation of a fashion show. The designs have been created by the students of the Ana Paredes de Alfaro Institute, who have done a special work for the commemoration of our institution.

This is a special event to celebrate the years of our beloved institution, founded by philanthropist Alvaro Noboa, who partakes his immense love of art and culture with our Ecuadorian society, in addition to his support to young artists.

Hilarte children exhibited more than 200 paintings


The Hilarte Community Association, inaugurated this Friday, December 5, an exhibition of more than 200 paintings created by children between 2 and 12 years old.

The event involved the participation of the young painters, who between laughs and jumps proudly showed their works to visitors. Among them was Lilia Montes, 12, who commented that among her dreams is “being an artist recognized for my own paintings.”


In addition, a chorus of 12 children took advantage of this month’s festivities to sing Christmas carols.

“Imparting art for is for us part of our methodology as an institution, both in dance as in theater and painting,” said Katalina Herrera, Pedagogical Coordinator of Hilarte. Furthermore, she mentioned they also have a Therapeutic Arts Center, for children with disabilities or “special skills.”

I “Alvaro Noboa” international photography competition for young artists

“When people look at my photographs, I want them to feel the same when they want to read a line of a poem twice,” once said Robert Frank, a famous Swiss photographer. Beauty must be revealed to be appreciated. Every opportunity must be taken to show the beauty through lens.

For this reason, philanthropist Alvaro Noboa and the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, invite local and all the photographers of the world to participate in the 1st international photography competition of Guayaquil “Alvaro Noboa Ponton.” This will be held from Wednesday, January 28 to Thursday, February 28, 2015.

Philanthropist Alvaro Noboa and the Museum want to maximize the appreciation of art as it has been previously done with the painting biennials. The aim is promoting the culture in our society and give prominence to young artists who have not yet been discovered.

To register for the competition, you can review the requirements though this link:

Museo Luis Noboa Naranjo


museo2Philanthropis Alvaro Noboa and the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum, convene national and foreign photographers to participate in the 1st International Photo Contest of Guayaquil “Álvaro Noboa” to be held on Wednesday, January 28 to Thursday February 28, 2015 .
The theme is free.
This contest is aimed primarily at young photographers in the world.
The framed photograph will be received along with the digital image on a CD that must be delivered or sent to the Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum. Address: P. Icaza 302 y Córdova en el edificio El Cóndor, 1° piso. Friday January 16th is  final date for delivery.
The requirements for registration are:
• Name and surname
• Identity Card
• Email and Phone Contact
• Photography to present
NOTE: The contest is open to all ages and nationalities who wish to exhibit their talent.
The thematic of photography is free
• No reproductions or works directly showing  legends or labels interpreted as advertising will be accepted.
• The foreign participants will have the facility to send the photo digitally. If the jury accepts the nomination of the photo, the museum will be responsible for the disclosure of the same
• The work shall be accompanied by a title, comment or reflection of the author
• The photograph must be unpublished. Images published in written, digital media, social networks or participating in other contests will not be considered.
 The images will be presented framed with a minimal measure of 30 x 40 and a maximum of 60 x 80 cm.
• It may not be manipulated by any external software to the camera that the original take was made.
• The format in which participants parts will be received is JPG, with a minimum weight of 2 MB, in addition, the file does not exceed 5 MB.
• The participation of images created purely by software will not be considered.
• The reproductions or works directly showing  legends or labels that may be interpreted as advertising, will not be accepted.
• In addition there will be a special prize for the person who submits the best photo of old Guayaquil.
• The photos will be judged by three renowned professors and established photographers.
• The jury will take place on Saturday January 17, 2015.
• The verdict will be irrevocable .
• Photographs that do not meet the above mentioned may not be accepted and / or excluded from the exhibition room without notice, not giving rise to any claim.
• The winners will be notified via email and on the website of the Luis Noboa Museum: , photographs will be published in the same.
• First Prize “Álvaro Noboa”: $ 3,000
• Second Prize: $ 2,000
• Third Prize: $ 1,000
• “Old of Guayaquil” Prize: $ 1000
Prizes may not be declared any unforeseen void and any unforeseen event will be resolved by the Director of the Museum, Pablo Martinez Rojas.
The three winning works will be in the possession of the museum and will become part of the permanent assets of the institution.
Pablo Martinez Rojas
Director LANN

Invitation to the inauguration of the “Antiguos Rekuerdos” exhibition

The Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum has the honor to invite you to the inauguration of the “Antiguos Rekuerdos” exhibition of artist Miguel Vera.

Date: July 17th, 2014

Time: 7PM

Place: Francisco Paula de Icaza y General Córdova