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Inauguration of Andrea Arellano Jara´s exhibition




On Tuesday August 18 the pictorial inauguration of the artist Andrea Arellano Jara took place in the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, founded by businessman Alvaro Noboa.

“CHAKANA” is the name of the exhibition of the Guayaquil artist, which shows bright and neon colors, that in her own words, are found in our culture, long before the PopArt.

In company of her family, friends and University classmates, Arellano enjoyed her fifth single exhibition, the same that will be open until September 12.

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Andrea_Arellano_Jara_museo_luis_noboa_naranjo_5 Andrea_Arellano_Jara_museo_luis_noboa_naranjo_6

Arellano Andrea Jara


Born in Guayaquil, on October 30, 1988, at 26 years old, she has dabbled in painting, sculpture, fashion design, interior design, murals and video art. Her works have been exhibited in the House of Culture Nucleo del Guayas, the Faal, and the Salon de July.

Andrea Arellano has developed her artistic career for over 10 years working with pigments and vivid colors, which have become the main language of her work.

On August 18th she will exhibit her works at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, founded by businessman/philanthropist Alvaro Noboa, and whose director is Mr. Pablo Martinez Rojas.

Signals photographic exhibition

The photographic exhibition “Signals” is taking place at the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, which is based on visual training tools to decode images.
Chantal Fontaine organizes this activity that includes free photography workshops on Tuesday 21, Wednesday 22 and Thursday July 23 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
exposicion_señales_museoluisnoboanaranjo0 exposicion_señales_museoluisnoboanaranjo2
Signals photographic exhibition_museoluisnoboanaranjo

Radio Forever (92.5) FM interview Marcos Rivadeneira

This afternoon Radio Forever (92.5) FM interview the artist Marcos Rivadeneira witch is promoting his exposition that is open to public en Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum.

During the interview Marcos share some details about his work.


Inauguration of the pictorial exhibition of Marcos Ribadeneira


Colors filled out the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum with the exhibition of the Guayaquil artist Marcos Ribadeneira, held on Wednesday, June 17.

“I am happy to pass on my art, which is something that I love. I rejoice when this work has the public acceptance,” said Marcos about the Neo Pop Art Exhibition, consisting of 19 paintings, some made for the occasion and others that belong to private collections, such as Constance Baez´s, Miss Ecuador 2013, and Cecilia Niemes, who attended the evening.

The name of the exhibition, NeoPopArt, says Marcos, is to make known “how a special kind of work, derived from pop art, consists of icons, images, and personalities, which is seen from the inner world of painting and color I have.”

“I like the juxtaposition of elements, styles, this is a good sample of the artist,” said Marcel Pazos, friend of Marcos Ribadeneira. With the musical intervention of Richie Swan, special guests, friends and relatives of the Guayaquil artist enjoyed the event, which also featured the participation of contemporary dancers.

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Marcos Ribadeneira on media

Teleradio 1350 AM

Teleradio 1350 AM

entrevista en WQ para promocionar la exposición Neo Pop Art

entrevista en WQ para promocionar la exposición Neo Pop Art